The company Georg Koinzer produces spiked lattices with aluminium profiles in
Germany. Its customers are the leading manufacturers of bale openers and blenders
for the preparation of fibres in cotton mills.

On the base of the following features the leading manufacturers of such machines
choose Koinzer products for their inital equipment:

  • High stability also at high speeds by the use of aluminium profiles
  • Pins made in Germany guarantee that the fibers do not stick (polish) and the pins do not break (perfect hardening)
  • QA tests during the production process guarantee a constant product quality
  • Simple exchangeability of single parts due to the modular system  

Standard profiles of aluminium

For sealing purposes fabric strips are inserted into the profiles and locked afterwards. Following removal of the locking device, any damaged strips can be taken out and new strips can be inserted. It is not necessary to disassemble the lattice. The profiles are attached with special bolts and nuts in order to get a smooth surface.  

Standard sizes for your kind of use

Also you will find the tipes you are interested in among the listed standard sizes. Please specify the names of the manufacturer of the machine, the working width, the number of laths and the machine type. This makes a correct identification possible.