tambula GmbH

The affiliated company tambula GmbH is active in two different industries.
On the one hand spiked lags out of wood and aluminium are produced for the textile recycling and fibre opening sector. tambula provides spiked lags replacement services for entire tambour renewals.
On the other hand, tambula has made a name for itself worldwide in perforation technology. tambula supplies well-known machine-manufacturers and end-customers with spiked rollers, cold perforation devices (inline, stand alone) and complete hot perforation units. Perforation materials are plastic, aluminium and leather. produces spiked lags for tambour (cylinder coatings) and spiked rollers as well as cold perforation devices and hot perforation machines.
The cylinder coatings are mainly used in tearing and opening machines in the textile industry. The spiked lags are manufactured out of laminated wood or aluminium.
Spiked rollers are made out of brass or steel cylinders with needles. Contrary to the spiked lags fine needles are utilized which are applied with highest precision possible. These rollers are generally used for the perforation of plastic, aluminium or leather.

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