Toothed Belt ZB50


The toothed belt ZB50 has been designed for use in connection with lattice
and spiked lattice belts on toothed gearwheels. It is used where the application
of toothed gearwheels is not possible for technical or calculation reasons. In particular, machines with continuous shafts require toothed belts for geared drive.  


  • Durable because of
    • generous design of all parts
    • massive polyamide teeth
    • every tooth is individually mounted
    • non-elastic yet flexible and hard wearing belt
  • Very quiet operation
  • Simple construction
  • Low price
  • Simple installation using common tools and standardized parts
  • Disassembly and re-utilization is possible
  • Teeth can be replaced individually
  • Suitable for any shaft diameter


Teeth made of special-fibre are mounted using common screws (M5) on a 50 mm wide polyester fibre belt and reinforced with special fibres. The adjustment to the shaft diameter is made by the selection of the tooth height and by adjusting the tooth pitch on the belt. The circumference of the tooth belt is then adjusted to match the pitch. This
tooth belt is supplied in finished form and is mounted to the shaft using tapping screws or cylinder head screws (M5). The screw connection is made with at least 2 screws each (M5), at the start and the end of the tooth belt. More than two teeth can also be directly connected to the drive shaft for larger shaft diameters or higher peripheral forces. For easier installation, drilling guide templates and, if desired, a common vice grip wrench, are supplied.

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